Tisha and Matt Maternity Pics

Whoever said “never work with children or animals” obviously never worked in family photography. It should be obvious by now that I love photographing kids being naturally playful, but in my most recent shoot I discovered how lovely it is to photograph animals as well.

Meet Chuckie! This little guy belongs to Tisha and Matt who I did a maternity shoot with this weekend.

tisha maternity

tisha maternity2 tisha maternity2-2

Shouldn’t a maternity session have the pregnant lady front and centre? Tisha was certainly was a beautiful, glowing mum-to-be – and don’t worry, there will plenty of baby bump shots below. What I loved about having Chuckie at the shoot, though, was that not only do pets bring out natural smiles in people, but I was so touched watching the way Tisha and Matt cared for their “fur baby”.

The little guy is 13 years old and not in the best of health. I had originally envisioned lots of actions shots when we decided to shoot at the dog park, but it became clear that Chuckie was going to need to be handled with a bit more gentleness.

It was easy to tell that Tisha and Matt are going to make great parents and I look forward to seeing their little family grow when their daughter is born in May.tisha maternity-2tisha maternity-5tisha maternity-6tisha maternity-7tisha maternity-8tisha maternity-9tisha maternity-10tisha maternity-11tisha maternity-12tisha maternity-13tisha maternity-14tisha maternity-15tisha maternity-17tisha maternity-16tisha maternity-18tisha maternity-19

tisha maternity-20

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