When I get a client birthing at RPA I get a bit excited – in part because I live literally, just down the road from the hospital, so it makes my logistics very easy. But also it brings back memories of my own babies who were both born there.

Despite the fact (or perhaps because of) the fact that my own experiences there didn’t quite go according to plan, when I see a mother have an empowering experience there, it makes me want to pump my fist in the air and yell “hell yes, women are amazing!”

And amazing is definitely a word I could use to describe Shelley during her birth. Her husband David called me to the birth centre at around 2am and when I arrived Shelley and her birth team (David + her doula Lucretia) were hard at work.

Often when I tell other mums that I’m a birth photographer, they cringe and say things like “Oh I would never want photos of me in labour.” And, while I respect everyone’s right to privacy, modesty, etc. I also feel like they might change their minds if they could actually see how strong and powerful they are in labour. I also love the connection between a labouring mother and her support team.

After a few intense hours, Jarvis arrived into the world.

I stayed for another hour or so after the birth and these are always just such lovely, peaceful moments. Meeting a new family member for the first time, watching everyone fall in love. I swear, I have the best job.

Although then I walked home and got in two hours of sleep before heading out to another photoshoot in the city. That is the less fun part of my job πŸ˜‰

It’s all worth it though for moments like these! You can view more photos in the slideshow below.


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