The Birth of Baby Elliott

After shooting an in-home maternity session with Katrina, Monica and their son Finn, just a few days later I was invited along to document their birth as well.

As noted in the video, at the last minute I was not allowed into the theatre. Although Katrina had a scheduled c-section (due to baby’s breech position) and had gotten previous approval, sometimes that’s just the way the ball rolls and I respect the medical professionals (and the family’s desire for a stress-free experience) too much to argue.

Luckily in this case the anaesthetist happened to be an amateur photographer and offered to take some snaps on my camera of the actual surgery, which I later edited. One of the bright sides (no pun intended) of being in the theatre is there’s great light!

I picked the camera back up again as soon as they came out of the theatre to document Baby Elliott’s first feed, meeting her big brother and other family members, skin-to-skin time with both parents, and a few days later I came back to photograph her first bath.


You can view the entire slideshow including maternity, birth, and a “fresh 48” newborn session here:

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