Surprise Party in Rozelle

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing a surprise party for the mum of a little boy I babysit for. I’m sharing them here with the family’s permission.
The party also happened to be at one of my favourite Sydney restaurants/pubs: The Green Lion in Rozelle. Have I mentioned before how much I love when photoshoots come along with awesome food?

In addition to the food, Dad hired some break dancers to come teach us some moves.

I think the grownups got more into it than the kids, who found it much more entertaining to keep throwing balloons downstairs and then getting a grownup to retrieve them. Classic party game.

Then of course, there was cake, which is always a highlight. I always love shots of kids poking their heads in, impatiently waiting for those candles to be lit so they can get in on that frosting action.

The birthday girl.

And her sister, rocking some awesome party style.

And the cap things off, I entitle this one: Party Pooper

Haha, that’s my daughter, who, despite what this image might show, did have a great time. But like many kids, she can get easily overstimulated and cranky at big events.

Previously I might not have shared this image (or even taken it in the first place). I don’t like photographing kids crying, having tantrums, etc. It feels slightly disrespectful. But as I’m transitioning to a more documentary style, I’m also conscious of portraying real life – not just the happy, smiling ones.

Besides, the next day when I showed her this photo, she couldn’t stop laughing. She’s right: itΒ is funny! Because there’s one of these moments at every party. (And usually it’s my kid…Hehe).

My event photography runs $150 for 90 minutes and is a beautiful way to preserve memories. More on my photo packages here.

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