Summer Hill Baby Shower

Shooting glowing pregnant mamas-to-be is one of my favourite things – especially when that mama is currently growing my first ever niece!

I pulled double-duty this past weekend, planning and photographing my sister-in-law’s baby shower at her home in Summer Hill.

spread of veggies and finger foods
She, her mum and I made most of the (all vegan) food and we lucked out with a really beautiful day.

For events I usually like to get some behind-the-scenes preparation photos but I was a bit too busy chopping veggies and arranging flowers to really get a lot. But I did snap a few kitchen photos.

I think you can tell a lot about people by their kitchens. In this case – the fridge says it all.

preparing food in the kitchen
But anyway, on to the main event…

everyone partying in the back yard
mum shows off her baby bump
I love the shot above of everyone marvelling at the size of the baby bump. Anyone who’s ever been 8 months pregnant knows the joys of hearing people say “I can’t believe you’re so big!” “Are you sure there’s not twins in there?”. And by joy I mean thinly-masked hormonal rage πŸ˜‰

mum and her niece admire the decorations
My daughter Luella was given several “jobs” for the day that she took very seriously. The first was to make sure everyone decorated a onesie/singlet/bib for the baby.

little girl hands out textas
She was very proud of her artistic creations, and no doubt inspired others to unleash their inner fashion designers.

one guest decorates a onesie

two little girls decorate bibs together

Most of our time was just spent eating, drinking and being merry. Friends catching up over all of these big life changes…

one mum laughs while another feeds her baby
mum smiling while holding a girl baby
mum and dad chat during the party
another pregnant woman walks down the stairs
baby reaches for the bee antennae of other guests

two pregnant women compare belly sizes
One of her best friends is also pregnant (with #3!) and I love this shot of them comparing bumps.

Though it was a mostly girls-only affair eventually we let the boys hang out (including my own two boys).

two kids and dad play with a colourful hammock
dad pours some champagne for his mates
There was lots of ooh-ing and aah-ing over baby gifts.

neice and nephew help open presents
Some of which were “a little too real”. Yup, those are laxatives.

mum opens a funny shower gift
Overall just a lovely day getting to see one of my favourite people showered in love by the people closest to her.

mum and dad look at all their new gifts
I’m very lucky that I’ll get to follow them along in their journey of becoming parents and having a baby turn their world upside down.

With such a huge life change, pregnancy is a great time to start documenting your life. I currently offer a “Documentary Maternity” package for $500 which allows you to choose any 4 pregnancy “milestones” to document. Whether a baby shower, gender reveal, nursery painting, or newborn photos. (Any of these shoots available separately for $150 – and I’m super eager to shoot my first birth!)

Get in touch for more info.

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