Sharon’s Mama Blessing

A few weeks ago, I had a much anticipated event: my Mama Blessing in preparation for my son who’s due in November.

So, what on earth is a “Mama Blessing” you ask? Good question. It’s like a baby shower for hippies. I explain it in a lot more detail on my personal blog if you’re interested. But in essence, it’s a mother-focused ceremony followed by food. We added in some belly painting at the end as well.
shaz mama blessing

Because I wanted to be present during the ceremony and not worried about taking photos, most of the ones I’ve gotten are of the decor, food, and some of the festivities afterwards.

shaz mama blessing-2

Two days before the event, we picked up the gorgeous flowers and fresh produce from Flemington Markets. I wish I’d gotten a better shot of the indoor space we held the ceremony is. It was the same room where I’ll be homebirthing our baby, so a very special space.

shaz mama blessing-3

shaz mama blessing-5


I tend to go mildly overboard with catering events. I prepared a pretty huge spread. All vegan, and all delicious!

shaz mama blessing-4


shaz mama blessing-6

Most of the beautiful flowers were turned into amazing floral crowns by my close friend Ash. Lucky our kids are such gorgeous models. Luella below with her best friends Violet and Akiva.

shaz mama blessing-7


shaz mama blessing-9

It was an exceptionally hot day, so after food we set up some water play for the kiddos and then gave them some brushes and paint to paint my belly. To absolutely no one’s surprise of course they mostly painted each other and their parents.

shaz mama blessing-10 shaz mama blessing-12 shaz mama blessing-13 shaz mama blessing-14 shaz mama blessing-15 shaz mama blessing-16

Oh, and ok, I’ll throw in one of me and my sister-in-law Heather. I’m the one trying to pass of my sweaty hot mess for a “pregnancy glow”.

shaz mama blessing-11

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