This was something different for me, which is always both a little exciting and a little daunting. I had the opportunity, through Mums 4 Refugees to help out on a film shoot produced by media agency People Like Us as part of the #KidsOffNauru campaign.

It’s a campaign obviously close to my heart, but I had never photographed in this capacity so I was a little nervous – but I ended up loving the process!

I shot a combination of behind-the-scenes photos – which involved a whole lot of kid-wrangling – and stills of all the families participating in the campaign.

There was something I really liked about these “pulled-back” images revealing how the magic happens. Particularly when you’re on a tight budget, literally working in tiny inner west backyards. The AD is taking a break in the bath tub, the make-up artists applying touch-ups out on the footpath.

And all of the “actors” in the film were not actors at all, but, well… people like us. Local families and citizens who just wanted to speak out on this issue. It was great getting to work with such a diverse group of people.

And though they say “never work with kids” I’ve obviously never shied away from working with little ones. I love the shot below of the kids being bribed with cookies the size of their heads!

All in all it was a great way to spend a day, helping out a good cause and I’d definitely jump at the chance to work on a film set again!

You can view the campaign video here.

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