Angel and Brandon hired me to photograph their baby shower a few months ago along with the birth of their first child.

All was going to plan and we met again not long before Angel’s due date to discuss details as I always like my clients to be as comfortable as possible with me. In the end, some complications arose and the couple decided to engage me only for newborn photos.

I bring this up because it’s important for any of my future birth photography clients to know that it’s your birth and you get to call the shots. If circumstances change I can be there for as much, or as little of the birth and postpartum experience as you’d like.

In the end, baby Leo was born healthy and mum and dad were doing amazing on the day I came to visit, just a few days after the birth. I had great luck that Leo was awake and alert for my entire visit, often looking right at my camera!

I was also able to capture a visit from both sets of grandparents, which is just incredibly special.

Though I wasn’t there to capture Leo’s birth, it was such a gift to be there to document the early days of this new family. ❀

See the rest of their photos in the slideshow here:

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