Fun Family Photos in Clovelly

I spend a lot of time looking for photography inspiration on sites like Pinterest. It’s so easy to look at other people’s work and admire the styling – the tents made of vintage sheets, the perfectly strung fairy lights, the hand-crafted wooden toys – that you sort of forget what family photography is all about – capturing connection.

So I was a bit relieved when Kate and Shane just wanted a simple family shoot at the beach. No fancy props or elaborate activities. Just family togetherness. They hardly needed any direction at all and I could just sit back and capture a fun afternoon and all the playful little moments.

I don’t think the photos warrant much more explanation than that. Here’s Kate, Shane, Hudson and Roxy at Clovelly Beach. Enjoy!clovelly-1

clovelly-2 clovelly-3 clovelly-4 clovelly-5 clovelly-6 clovelly-7 clovelly-8 clovelly-9 clovelly-10 clovelly-11 clovelly-12 clovelly-13.jpgclovelly-14 clovelly-15 clovelly-16 clovelly-17 clovelly-18 clovelly-19 clovelly-20

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