Mum + Twins at the Botanic Gardens

Recently I did a series of sessions with a group of Inner West Single Mums (see my Mums Group Sessions for more photos and details about this package.)

Though I typically try to get comparable number of photos per family in a session like this, sometimes I end up with more if a family arrive early or just inspire me in some way. Both were true for Mariana and her four year old twin boys.

Let me just repeat that again: single mum with two four-year-old sons. Now, preschoolers may actually be my favourite age to photograph – but to live with, I know they can be HARD.

When Mariana arrived for her shoot, I knew how much having these photos meant to her – it was a chance to actually be in a photo with her boys that wasn’t a cellphone selfie. And although my documentary style means I don’t typically do many posed portraits, I wanted to make sure I got at least one really great photo of all three of them smiling together.

But part of why I love documentary photography is that I also want to capture what life is really like. I wanted this mum to see just how hard she works.

You can see it in her patience as she she tries to help her sons with their inevitable tangled rainbow kites.

And you can also see that small gesture of love – a little pat on the back for a mum who just wants to create a little magic for her kids.

You can see from their boundless energy what a tiring job she has.

And you can definitely see it in the meltdowns that follow. She is their rock.

She is the one who loves them unconditionally, no matter how much mischief they get up to.

And she is a mother who inspires me to make photos!

I love watching parents and their children together – it’s why I do what I do. But I have a special love and respect for single mums. I see you and I salute you!

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