Family Photoshoot in Maroubra

I have a feeling that this photoshoot is always going to have a special place in my heart. It was my second “proper” shoot for someone else and my first family photoshoot.

Thomas is a single dad, whose girlfriend got in contact with me about doing a shoot to capture his time with his two boys Loke (11) and Rune (9) during their school holidays. They were in Maroubra so a beach photoshoot sounded great. Most of the families I know have very little ones, so I thought while I’ve got some older boys to work with, let’s get a bit creative.

While scouting the location on Google maps I saw there was a skate park at Maroubra. I imagined colourful graffiti backdrops and action shots. There’s one detail I’ve left out though: Loke has cerebral palsy and requires a wheelchair to get around, though Thomas can help “walk him” around.

I was nervous about posing the idea – would they be put off by the suggestion or think it could be a fun, creative challenge? Luckily, it was the latter! So on a Tuesday morning I set out to tell this family’s story.

Narrowing this post down to a few shots was tough. I took about 500 and ended up with over 100 that I edited, which I’m pretty happy with despite some of the day’s challenges. Would you believe I did this whole shoot (about an hour and a half) with my 10 week old son sleeping on me in a carrier?! Babywearing for the win!

I’ve also never shot at the beach before so I had a bit of a learning curve when it came to getting the lighting right. I didn’t always succeed. These are probably not my most technically proficient photos.

However, while going through and editing them, I was really struck by the love and support between these three blokes. It was more important to me to try to capture the emotions of the day and I hope when you see these photos you sense the trust, strength and adventurous spirit that I felt while shooting!

01202016 maroubra

01202016 maroubra-2 01202016 maroubra-3 01202016 maroubra-4 01202016 maroubra-5 01202016 maroubra-6 01202016 maroubra-7 01202016 maroubra-8 01202016 maroubra-9 01202016 maroubra-10 01202016 maroubra-11 01202016 maroubra-12 01202016 maroubra-13 01202016 maroubra-14 01202016 maroubra-15 01202016 maroubra-16 01202016 maroubra-17 01202016 maroubra-18 01202016 maroubra-19 01202016 maroubra-20 01202016 maroubra-21 01202016 maroubra-22
01202016 maroubra-24
01202016 maroubra-23 01202016 maroubra-25

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