Family Photos in Lisgar Gardens

I like to try to learn a bit about families I work with before we shoot and when Cheyenne contacted me I learned we had heaps in common – we were both American, both recently had our second babies, we’re both married to Aussie gingers who grew up in the same town as each other!

Finding these things out always helps me in better telling their story and it’s just a nice bonus when we happen to have a similar family dynamic.

And an even nicer bonus when there’s two adorable kids. Meet Deaglan and Cyprian.









Symmetry! That was a happy little accidental set of photos. Parents Cheyenne and Tiernan didn’t want a lot of posed photos, which suits me fine – I love capturing candid, playful moments.

cheyenne&tiernan-3 cheyenne&tiernan-4 cheyenne&tiernan6cheyenne&tiernan-5


During the shoot, we chatted about how quickly those baby days disappear with the second child, so I tried to capture the quiet little moments – like mum playing with those tiny little toes while breastfeeding – that will be gone all too soon.

Then there’s the changes in your relationship with your firstborn. Suddenly they’re the older sibling – looking huge next to the newborn, but still just babies themselves. They want to do everything all on their own, but still need those reassuring cuddles.




Defiant little faces. Yup, even those will be missed one day! 😉


cheyenne&tiernan-12 cheyenne&tiernan-15 cheyenne&tiernan-16 cheyenne&tiernan-17 cheyenne&tiernan-18 cheyenne&tiernan-19

Lisgar Gardens is a hidden gem in Hornsby, but I should warn you – watch out for leeches! Yeesh. I will spare you those photos. But what’s a little blood when you’re working in these beautiful surrounds?


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