Amelia’s 4th Birthday Party

Last weekend I took some photos for my friend Rebecca’s daughter Amelia’s 4th birthday. My daughter is about to turn 4 as well, so I’ve been to my fair share of birthday parties. The ones I enjoy most are the ones where the focus is just on kids being kids. No fancy party dress to keep pristine, no posed photos. Just play!

Amelia4thBirthday-1 Amelia4thBirthday-2

In fact, messy play! My favourite kind. (Especially when it’s not at my house to clean up.)

Amelia4thBirthday-4 Amelia4thBirthday-5 Amelia4thBirthday-6

How fun is this feet painting activity? Amelia and her buddies got right into it. And there was not shortage of fun things to play. Like and brand new Dad-built play house and sandpit.


And who doesn’t love a good trampoline?

Amelia4thBirthday-9 Amelia4thBirthday-10Amelia4thBirthday-13

The requisite birthday cake and candle blowing. How good does that homemade cake look?? And how awesome is Rebecca for being 7 months pregnant and pulling together such a fun and sweet party!

Amelia4thBirthday-11 Amelia4thBirthday-12

After cake there were a few more activities: dress ups and some more messy play with homemade edible water beads! (Apparently they’re just tapioca balls with food colouring. So easy and the kids loved them!)

Amelia4thBirthday-14 Amelia4thBirthday-15

If you’ve ever been to a four year old’s birthday party, you know that getting kids to wind down and go home at the end of the day can be a bit… challenging. Crashing after those sugar highs aint always pretty. But I did like sticking around to capture those little quiet moments – Amelia cuddling her friends goodbye, and a few little snuggles with dad and mum to end a lovely day.


Amelia4thBirthday-19 Amelia4thBirthday-20

Happy birthday, Amelia! Thanks for letting me capture your day!

One thought on “Amelia’s 4th Birthday Party

  1. Ohhhh Sharon how sweet! Thanks for capturing our fun day, and giving us a record of what happened . We love it !

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