About Me

Mum and two kids at the beach

Photo by Katherine Wilson Photography

Hi, I’m Sharon, mum to Luella and Niko, Sydney Inner Westie, and American ex-pat (please don’t hold it against me!). Before Australia I lived in San Francisco, Brooklyn, Dallas, and I grew up on Long Island. Get a few glasses of wine in me and I’ll do impressions of old ladies from each of those regions. Over eight years in Australia though, and I still can’t do an Aussie accent.

Once upon a time I went to school for theatre and wanted to be an actress. These days my only performances are showtunes in the shower and the Moana soundtrack in the car with my daughter. I’ve had a really wide array of jobs since then including teaching theatre and art classes for kids. Most recently I ran a children’s art organisation. My absolute favourite thing to photograph is kids at play – especially making art and getting messy!

I spent my 20s devotedly “childfree” and swore I’d never have kids. Then I turned 30 and it was like a switch went off in my brain. Here I am, two kids later and totally obsessed with birth and nomming chubby baby thighs. You never know where life will take you!

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