Baby Sauce Face at 9 Months


Nine months in, and now nine months out. This little boy continues to bring so much joy to my life! We have a running joke that he’s basically like a cartoon baby come to life. He’s the only baby I’ve ever heard who actually says “goo goo ga ga” regularly. A few people have even noted that on the few occasions when he cries, he actually says “waaaahh”.

But it’s his toothy grin, love of tickles and cuddles, and enthusiastic waving hello and goodbye that have me wrapped around his finger.

Nikolas got his first two teeth early and then we had a long reprieve on teething until five came in all at once! Yeesh. He’s been a droolly mess the past few weeks, but nothing that mama cuddles can’t fix.  And the biggest development of this trimester: MOBILITY!

From the time he was doing in utero acrobatics I had a feeling we were going to have a very active baby and Niko has not disappointed. He’s been crawling for about 2 months now and I’m amazed at the lightning speed with which he does it. And he is into everything, especially when he knows he’s not supposed to be.

His favourite activities are now trying to get into the bathroom to unroll the toilet paper, stealing food off of Luella’s plate, pulling every book and toy off the shelves and doing his best to try and electrocute himself. Making me a little nervous for toddlerhood!

When you're the second child, your mum sometimes  forgets to take your 7 and 8 month photos. Whoops. That's life, kid.

When you’re the second child, your mum sometimes forgets to take your 7 and 8 month photos. Whoops. That’s life, kid.

Luella was a late walker at nearly 17 months, but Nikolas is already cruising along furniture and just a few days ago stood on his own unsupported for the first time. Definitely keeping me on my toes a lot more.

And all that crawling requires a lot of sustenance. Luckily Nikolas has yet to try a food he doesn’t like. I’m amazed both at what he will chow down, and how much mess he’s able to make with so little food.

Interestingly, Niko has never been nearly as interested in breastfeeding as Luella was. She fed for comfort around the clock. More often than not I’m the one who initiates nursing with Niko. Especially during the day when there’s other foods on offer and mischief to get into, I’m lucky if he feeds more than two minutes at a time. He has a big feed in the bath before bed and then nurses on an off during the night. But honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he self-weans before 18 months (something I didn’t believe kids actually did when Luella was still breastfeeding!)

Because he doesn’t have the same emotional attachment to it, it makes it easier for Jim to look after him for long stretches. I remember Lu was about 11 months the first time Jim looked after her for more than a couple of hours at a time. But recently I had the flu and Jim took both kids out for the whole day with a bottle of expressed milk and everyone had a great time.

The extra freedom has been awesome, but sometimes I worry I don’t give him enough one on one time. He’s so flexible and easy that he tends to just go along with whatever Luella or I want to get up to during the week. With the weather getting nicer I’m trying to make more of an effort to take Niko out for bonding time, particularly playing in nature.

Overall though, I think we’ve hit one of those parenting sweet spots where things are going really well with both kiddos. Let’s hope it lasts till the next update!

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