School Days


Luella is now nearly halfway through her first term of preschool, and somehow I haven’t even blogged about it. Shame! She’s only attending 2 days a week to start though, so it’s taken a little time to settle in to the new routine.

Overall she seems to really be enjoying herself. It helps that her BFF is going with her – although she may be having a hard time branching out into other friendships. We have made some after-school playground buddies though and I keep an ear out for new names popping up in the daily rundown.

We’ve been rather happy with the school, save for a weird incident of a parent sending the kids home with a huge bag of candy. The teachers are lovely and really seem to get to know the kids. And to absolutely nobody’s surprise, I joined the P&C. (That’s basically the PTA for you Americans.) So soon I’ll be hitting up everyone I know to fundraise for preschool. Woo! We have our first event – a Walk-a-thon on the 2nd of April.

And I’m enjoying the break twice a week. It gives me a chance to catch up on sleep, just in time for Niko’s 4 month sleep regression, and gives me a chance to recharge my parenting batteries.

The only part we’re struggling with a bit at the moment is the commute. The traffic around that area is a nightmare (and only going to get worse – thanks, WestConnex!) so it adds a lot of time onto Jim’s morning drop-offs. And my pick-ups via train involve a lot of walking.

We’re considering a move a bit closer, it’s just a really difficult/expensive area to get into. It is a fun area though. St Peters is filled with artist warehouses and the streets lined with some awesome murals.



Ok, that one’s maybe not the finest example, but it’s my three year old’s favourite. (Ok, and mine.) Hopefully my child’s preschool is teaching her to be a little more mature than her mama…

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