Let’s Capture Memories Together!


Well, I’m pretty pleased that I got so much support following my last post about becoming a doula and pursuing my photography. I’ve decided to do the birth and post-natal courses through Child Birth International and since it’s all online I may begin sooner than anticipated, if for no other reason, than I can “officially” say I’m training to be a doula.

In the mean time though, I’ve been soaking up all the photography tips I can and trying to make time to practise, though it’s not always easy. And although I could spend all day looking at pictures of my kids, I know that if I want to diversify my portfolio and get some real experience I’ll need to branch out.

Which brings me to this post…



I couldn’t reasonably start charging for my photography just yet, but I really want to get shooting.

In general my style is more documentary-oriented and focused on story-telling. I’m interested in maternity, birth, newborn, sibling and family portraits. (See my Pinterest page to get an idea of my taste.) But let’s do something different!

Here are some ideas:

  • A babywearing or breastfeeding photoshoot. Two of my favourite past times 🙂
  • Kids at play. I’m not so into posed kids photos – I’d rather capture the natural moments. Let’s get messy with paint or in the mud. Let’s climb trees and jump in puddles. Let’s create memories!
  • Think outside the family. Your play group, mother’s group, home school group, group of besties… who else is important in your child’s life? They deserve their memories preserved too.
  • Are you involved with some kind of charitable cause or organisation that could use some great images to help tell their story? I can help!
  • Do you know a family that deserves something nice? Let’s face it… when you search family photos on Pinterest you find a lot of white, upper middle class, hetero, able-bodied families. I’d really love to shoot families that don’t have as much representation, or who wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford a portrait shoot.

The photos I have of my kids are so precious to me and while I’m learning to improve my skills I’d really like to be able to help others in the process. It’s a win-win!

So please, get in touch with your ideas – or let’s brainstorm something together. Email me at mamashazsydney@gmail.com or get in touch with me via my Facebook page.

A few caveats:

Because I’m doing this at no charge and I have an infant, I will most likely need to bring him along. (He is content sleeping in a carrier!) And my schedule is somewhat limited. I’m free Tuesdays and once Lu starts preschool in February I’ll have Mondays too. My weekends and evenings are reasonably flexible.

As for locations, I’ll be learning to drive soon (eep! more on this later!) but I’m pretty limited to public-transit friendly locations, and I’m based around Inner West/South West Sydney. But we can sort the details and hopefully find something that works!

It’s also hard to say what my turnaround time will be like so if you’re on a tight deadline I can’t make any promises. But I love editing and can usually make time in the evenings and during naps. Ah, the joys of working motherhood!

I can’t wait to begin!

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