Announcing Baby Sauce Face


I don’t remember where Luella’s in-utero-nickname, Pickle, came from, but it’s no mystery who came up with “Baby Sauce Face”. The curse of the second child, already subject to its older sister’s whims, there was really no chance for this kid not to be given a cheeky nickname.

In all seriousness though, Jim, Luella and I are very excited to announce that we’re expecting the newest addition to our family in November.

photo (23)

We’re not sure exactly how much Lu understands. When we first told her, she informed us that she also has a baby in her belly, a notion that seems to have stuck, so we’re letting her roll with it. I’m not sure she gets that my baby is real – perhaps once my belly starts growing a bit more and we have an ultrasound.

The first trimester has had its ups and downs. Like the first time around I’ve been lucky not to be afflicted with morning sickness, but instead the fatigue has been hard to handle and I’ve got low blood pressure to boot which means bouts of dizziness. I was hoping to get really fit and active during this pregnancy, but most days I struggle to get out of bed and keep up with my toddler.

I was going to write a whole separate post on the difference between a first and second pregnancy but this article pretty much nails it.

Of particular note is the more muted excitement. When you’re having your first, it’s just so life-changing that you can’t help but want to blab about your nursery decoration plans to anyone who will listen. This time? We had days while traveling when the only reason I remembered I was pregnant was when reminding myself I couldn’t have wine with dinner.

That’s not to say we’re not eager to get to know this new little person. I still spend my idle minutes brainstorming names and imagining the shenanigans my two little partners in crime will get up to.

And there are some rather exciting elements to this pregnancy. Of particular note: we are planning a homebirth!

But that’s a subject for a whole different post. Until then, I’m going to try to soak up some of that pregnancy announcement excitement.

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