All Over the Place


I’m finding myself at a bit of a parenting and professional crossroads right now. After the whirlwind that was Sydney Creative Playground I’m once again unemployed (though doing a bit of freelance work). Luella is also old enough now that my and Jim’s arguments conversations about school are becoming very real and not just theoretical.

And I’ve now hit my 5 year mark in Sydney. The 5 year itch has set in where I found myself craving new adventure:

What if we moved to Melbourne? Or New Zealand? Or back to NY? Or a new city like Portland or San Diego? Or what if we go volunteer in Africa for a year? Or some other big huge adventure? How could we make that work with our kid? Wouldn’t it be amazing for her to experience an upbringing off the beaten path? For the world to be her classroom?

That we just got back from a weekend in Melbourne, and are planning a trip next month to the US are obviously contributing to this… mostly leaving me with a strong feeling of wanderlust and no practical plans or ideas for how to accomplish any of this.

Luella and her travel companion Frankie.

Luella and her travel companion Frankie, jetsetting to Melbourne

We’re very lucky that Jim’s job allows us to travel beyond what our means would allow us to otherwise. But I still really like the idea of not just visiting new destinations, but giving her a chance to experience life somewhere else.

I’m also just very disenfranchised with the Australian school system. Not to say that the American system is any better, but I feel it at least has some more options. The biggest problem in my eyes is that the government spends more money funding private religious schools than it does public schools. And in public schools a ridiculous amount is wasted on school Chaplains which I believe could go to many other more important programs.

I don’t see how public schools here can ever expect to succeed with that kind of disparity, regardless of my political feelings that education should be free and accessible to all, and it’s a paradigm I don’t see shifting in the next 2-3 years before Luella starts Kindy.

Hence why I’m trying to find alternatives – whether it means investigating more independent options here in Sydney, or packing up to find something on the other side of the world.

If this blog post feels all over the place, that’s because my head is all over the place right now and I’m having a hard time focusing on much. I’ve spent my day off today researching job opportunities in other cities, looking at photos of Luella at various museums, and reading about educational models. All in an attempt to fill some desire I can’t quite put my finger on…

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