Baby Pickle at Two and a Half


Suddenly I blinked and realised it’s Luella’s half birthday today! And I’ve barely posted an update since she turned two in July! Eep!

A lot has happened since then – especially for me professionally, which I’ll save for another post. Let’s focus on the star attraction here: this little goofball!IMG_4837

How many different ways can you talk about how much you love your amazing kid? Sometimes it just overwhelms me, how proud I am of her. In the last six months I’ve watched her confidence grow, along with her intelligence, sensitivity and thoughtfulness.

The little girl who used to run away from other kids at the playground now walks into a party and says “My name is Luella! I’m two years old.” With the holidays, and a lot of family functions, birthdays, etc lately she’s had plenty of practice showing off her social skills and charming everyone with her infectious giggle and crazy dances.

She got really into Christmas this year (a bit to my chagrin), particularly decorating the tree pictured above. We made a few different kind of ornaments with her – paper chains, salt dough, and some foam snowmen and reindeer that were probably the highlight of our holiday season.

The new year has brought some new changes in Lu’s life. ABout a week ago we upgraded her to a big girl bed which is a pretty big deal. After a few months of a floor bed, she’s been back in my bed for the better part of the year, so last week we set up Jim’s old childhood bed, for which Luella picked out the sheets. Most nights she ends up in my bed again in the wee hours of the morning, but she’s had a few nights of sleeping all the way through, which is pretty impressive.

And you can bounce on it too!

And you can bounce on it too!

Luella is also loving our new house with her own yard, where she can often be found looking for snails, watering her cucumber garden, riding her scooter and forcing Daddy to fly her like an airplane.

We’re also taking advantage of living very close to the Cooks River. Lots of bikerides, walks, and explorations of all the local birds and plant life. I can’t say I love living in the suburbs, but this is definitely the big advantage of it.

Just strolling along the river, holding hands with my bestie...

Just strolling along the river, holding hands with my bestie…

We’ve also been heading out the he beach a lot this summer. In summers past she hasn’t been very into it but a few weeks ago we caught the bus to Brighton le Sands and as soon as she set foot in the sand she was off and running into the ocean! We’ve been twice since, with more trips planned.

Luella’s also been really into going to the movies. Jim took her a few times while I worked in recent months but I went along for the first time on Boxing Day and just loved sharing the experience. We saw Paddington, which I highly recommend and then a week later, Annie which she was probably a bit young for, but I found quite enjoyable.

Other big news is that Lu’s Auntie Heather (Jim’s sister) is back from a 2 year stint living in Germany. Her boyfriend Andre is visiting at the moment as well, and Lu is just over the moon to have her Auntie around to play with.IMG_0450

Gosh, this has really all been in the last month or so. Sept-Dec was a pretty big blur of work-related dramas and I have to say, I’ve loved having a bit of a break to focus more of my time on my family.

Speaking of family, we’re planning our next trip back stateside in March. We’ll be visiting my family in Orlando, friends in NY and then heading to Portland just for the fun of it. I’m beyond excited – we’ve got so much planned.

It’s shaping up to be a pretty busy year and I can’t wait to share it with my girl.

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