Baby Pickle at… Two Years?!?


Seriously, a two-year old? How do I have a two-year old?

My life is now one big cliche about how quickly kids grow up, but it’s true! You really can’t look at Luella having tea parties with dolls, throwing rugby balls, and helping me stir soup in the kitchen and still see a baby. There’s no denying that she’s a kid now.

A kid who speaks in full sentences and constantly amazes me with her vocabulary and little phrases that she picks up. She’s such a parrot. This morning while riding our bike to her two-year check-up I heard her repeating to herself “Doctor is not scary. Doctor is a nice lady.”

All was well at our check-up. Lu’s starting to level out in the height and weight department, ranking around 75th percentile for both now. I discussed nutrition concerns now that she’d no longer having breastmilk and my doctor was surprisingly cool with the vego thing. Gave me a handout on iron, recommended green smoothies and that was about it. No needles. Pretty uneventful.

We saved the hoopla for the big day itself. It was cool because this year Luella sort of understood the whole birthday thing – or at least that it was a special day for her and we built up excitement for it all week.

This year we decided to only do a very small party. Last year we invited a ton of people and it was a bit overwhelming – both for her and us. So this year we made a rule that we’d only invite people whose names she knew. This meant not getting to invite a lot of people I’d have loved to party with (Sorry!!) but I’m glad we made that choice.

So on Saturday Luella’s nearest and dearest got together for a little sky/airplane/balloon themed birthday party. Since we don’t have a yard we set up some tables and chairs in our building’s laundry-hanging area. I think we did a pretty decent job making it fun.

We also made one of Luella’s favourite foods – pancakes – in red, to match the red balloons on her dress and in the decor. She had an absolute blast.


I was a bit more… emotional. Luella’s first birthday was all about “we survived!” Celebrating making it through that first year of parenthood. Not that the second year was without its challenges (her two year molars a few weeks ago had me pulling my hair out). But overall it’s been a year of watching her go from a crawling, drooling, babbling baby to the little girl who dances around my living room making up her own songs.

Yup, we’re back to the “my little girl is growing up” cliches. It’s been a big year but we’ve got some more changes coming. This weekend we’re moving!

We’re renting out our unit and moving just a bit further south to a proper house with a yard and everything! I can’t even tell you how excited I am for a yard for Lu to run around in and all the fun project ideas we can do back there.

It also helps (a lot!) that our besties will be four doors down! Yup, Lu’s little BFF (pictured above) will be a 30-second walk away. We’d been talking about doing “DIY preschool” together and this makes it pretty damn convenient. I’m sure I’ll post more on this subject later.

Looking forward to having lots of new adventures to share!


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