Selling Off My Stash


I’m very proud to have raised so far $865 for my new venture, Sydney Creative Playground as part of our crowdfunding campaign. With one week left, I now have to raise $285 to hit our “tipping point’ goal of $1150 otherwise we get none of it! Originally we were meant to have an event today which I hoped would generate the final funds we needed, but we got unlucky with the weather.

So, my next effort is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I’m selling off my babywearing stash.

HOW IT WORKS: What I’ll do is list them all below with a photo, the retail price, the price I’m asking, and details on the condition, etc. If you want to purchase, please email me:

First in, best dressed. For payment I’ll send you a link to donate to the campaign. If you want it posted, send me your address and I will post it to you by next weekend (and you’ll need to add an extra $14 to the price). Alternatively if you’re local to Sydney you can pick up or arrange for us to meet. (I’m based in Ashfield.)

And now for the carriers…

sleepy wrap 1. Boba Wrap – formerly called “Sleepy Wrap”. It’s navy blue and was my go-to stretchy wrap for those early months. So comfy and snuggly. We used and washed it so much that it’s gotten a tad discoloured.
RRP: $38
My price: $20 UPDATE: SOLD







mesh ring sling2. TaylorMade Mesh Ring Sling – It’s meant to be used in the water but I never tried. Not super comfy long periods but a great one to pop them in and out of quickly! Royal blue colour, nearly new condition.
RRP: $58.95
My price: $30








boba ssc3. Boba 3G SSC – I lived in this thing for a year! A seriously sturdy and comfy SSC. My bub is quite tall and the seat started getting a bit narrow for her by 12 months, but a smaller baby could last longer. Comes with detachable hood and little foot straps and is brown and green in colour. Boba is no longer selling the 3G on their site, but here is a link to the 4G model. It’s definitely a bit worn-in with a little discolouration on the straps where they were chewed (before I knew suckpads were a thing.)
RRP: $125
My price: $75






manduca ssc4. Manduca SSC – My husband still uses his olive coloured Manduca (bub is 22 months and has used it since she was 3 months). It’s a versatile carrier because you can wear a newborn without a special insert. I’m not selling his, but a brand new, never been worn one in the same colour. (Originally meant to be a Kangatraining loaner, but I ever used it.)
RRP: $169.95
My price: $125 UPDATE: SOLD







girasol freshness

5. Girasol Freshness Woven Wrap (Size 6)- I really wanted to become a wrapper but I just never had the patience, so this is in near new quality. You can see an “action” shot of it in my Mama Shaz Facebook photo. I’m not sure if you can buy this colourway in Australia anymore so that makes it a bit unique. (Though you can see other Girasol wraps on the Tinoki site, where I bought mine.)
I paid $155
My price: $100







lenny lamb6. Lenny Lamb Mei Tai (Toddler Size) – Full disclosure, I bought this second-hand, but it was nearly new then, and I’ve only worn it maybe 5 times since. It’s a bamboo/cotton blend, so very soft and comfy, with a nice wide toddler seat.
Retail price: $86.14 (converted from Polish currency on their site).
My price: $75 UPDATE: SOLD









I’ll try to update this post as carriers are sold. Feel free to email me with any questions.

I have to admit I’m little sad to see them all go. We’re hanging on to a few Manducas and my Kanga XT (though I’m thinking of trading it in for a Wompat if anyone’s trading or selling…) But we’re definitely coming closer to the end of our babywearing journey. We aren’t sure if there’s another baby in the cards for us, so it may well be the end of an era.

But so it goes… I’m using one passion to help fuel another!


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