Help Launch Sydney Creative Playground


Don’t you love it when the starts align? I feel like this has suddenly happened for me this week – it’s been a big one.

On Monday I submitted a grant proposal to the City of Sydney for my new venture. Yesterday I found out that I’ve gotten an art teaching job at an early learning centre. And today the webpage has gone live for my crowdfunding campaign!

Time for some shameless plugging…

So, the new project has a name: Sydney Creative Playground. And a website. And a Facebook page. And a Twitter account. And a Fundraising Page. And a campaign video (click to watch):


And yes, here comes the part where I ask you to donate. So, why should you donate? Because I really, really, really, realllllllly want you to.

Ok, a bit more to that… this is kind of my dream project. For years I’ve been wanting to start something up. I’m working on it day and night and don’t really anticipate making any money off it in the short-term. And I really believe it can be a big success.

I want to make sure it’s accessible to ALL kids. Not just inner west mums like me with a penchant for sensory play. I want to reach out to migrant communities and aboriginal communities and kids from all different backgrounds to ensure that all kids have a chance to explore their creativity.

So in helping fund this project, you’re funding opportunities for young children and you’re helping make someone’s dream come true. How often can you say that?

Start some good here:

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