Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately, which is why I’ve been so light on updates. A few days after our Thanksgiving feast, Luella boarded her first international flight as we headed to the US.

I was terrified of a 14-hour plane ride with a toddler, but she pleasantly surprised me! She slept a lot, watched some Peppa Pig, and ran around in the lounge. Yup, it would be disingenuous if I didn’t disclose that flying business class (thanks to Jim’s job at Qantas) made things significantly easier.

She even adjusted fairly well to the time change. She was knackered the first night, but we were able to keep her up till her normal bedtime, thanks to some entertainment provided by my parents’ pugs Buster and Marley.

The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

It was COLD in Nevada, even for December, which unfortunately put a damper on how much we could do, but we still found a lot of fun just relaxing. We went to a great kids museum and gorged ourself on some great food. Ronald’s Donuts, Greens & Proteins, and Nacho Daddy were among the highlights, along with all kinds of goodies from Whole Foods.

After a week with my family we took off to San Francisco, or vegan food heaven, as I prefer to think of it. There were soyrizo burritos, fried pickles, apple and brown sugar cupcakes, and deep dish pizza, just to name a few.

We also spent a lot of time at museums: Randall Museum, the California Academy of Sciences, and The Exploratorium, the latter of which was the highlight of the trip (maybe even the year!).

Science, bitches!

Science, bitches!

Kid stuff was never on my radar when I lived in SF so I was really glad we found so much to do and enjoy – including a ride on the carousel in Golden Gate Park – something I’ve wanted to do for years! We also got to catch up for dinner with some friends.

Our trip home was a little tougher, more due to delayed flights and airline hassles than Luella. Again, she adjusted easily, with no jetlag issues. Then before we knew it, it was Christmas.

We celebrated small as usual. We gifted Luella with a few books purchased during our trip, all with a sea creature theme. We watched Emmet Otter on Christmas Eve, which was definitely a highlight. This year, Lu was old enough to enjoy it and danced around in circles to the songs. Christmas lunch was nice and low-key at Jim’s Auntie’s house, and then we celebrated Boxing Day with Lu’s bestie and some yummy vegan food. I made a pumpkin pie and will now probably be making pie for every occasion.

Luella plays with a lovely new toy with her Great Auntie Wendy an second cousin Sienna

Luella plays with a lovely new toy with her Great Auntie Wendy and second cousin Sienna

We’ve been using the “downtime” to catch up with friends and enjoy Sydney. Today we went to the Powerhouse Museum and grabbed lunch in Chinatown – an area of the city we don’t often see. This week we’ll catch up with more friends for New Years Eve with a babywearing picnic at a local park.

Whew… so yeah. We’ve had a few things going on. But it’s all been a lot of fun, and a great way to cap off an awesome year!

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