50 Words


It shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone who’s spent a fair amount of time with me and Jim that we’re a family of talkers, and Luella’s no exception. A whole lot of babbling happens in this house.

I decided to take an inventory of Luella’s words and thought I might as well post them here for posterity. I was surprised to see just how many she has. Some are animal sounds, some are phrases so I don’t know exactly how to count them, but it came out to roughly 50 words!

Here they are, in order of frequency of use

WORDS: Dada, Baba (her word for my boobs), Mama, Ball, Plane, Juice, Bye bye, Keys, Bird, Cat, Dog, Shoes, Baby, Toes, Swings, Button, Dance, Duck, Flower, This, Pants, Rain, Hi, Splash, Slide, Tree, Frankie (her doll), Yeah/Yes, Sock, Car, Bottle, Pop, Bee, Noodle, Tofu, Yellow

SOUNDS: Meow, Woof, Moo, Tweet, Cock-a-doodle-doo, Baaaa, Shhhhh, Choo-choo, Oink, Neigh

PHRASES: Where’d it go? There it is. Want some? Where is it? Here you go.

I bought her this shirt because she kept "Meowing" at it in the shop.

I bought her this shirt because she kept “Meowing” at it in the shop.

That’s one little lady with a lot to say! She recently even offered her juice bottle to a pigeon, asking “Want some?” I can’t wait to start keeping a log of all the precocious things she comes up with.

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