How Do You Get By Without Babywearing?


We all know I’m a bit of an evangelist when it comes to babywearing. It’s helped me create such a strong bond with my baby, introduced me to an amazing community of mothers, and is part of my new job. But the reason I got into it was for convenience and my disdain for prams.

After a few weeks of grumbling and experimenting I bid my pram good riddance on Gumtree. Now that Lu is 12 whopping kilos I carry her on my back and it’s great. In the last 13 months I can think of literally 3 times I’d wished I had a pram:

  1. At Lu’s 6-week check-up I needed to put on my mei tai and there was nowhere safe to set her down, except the dirty floor. Of course, then I learned to just keep it tied around my waist.
  2. When we were getting family photos done and I didn’t want to wrinkle our clothes or risk a nappy leak.
  3. Seeing a cute dress in a shop I wanted to try on.

Each time I worked around it and it was really no big deal. But I got to thinking today about how many things I wouldn’t be able to do if I didn’t wear my baby. I am genuinely curious, not being snarky – how do non-babywearers get around?

How do you:

  • Go up and down stairs? What if there’s no lift or the lift is out? Many Sydney train stations have no lifts.
  • Get on a crowded bus?
  • Go to any crowded event where you have to weave through people? I can’t walk down the streets of Ashfield even without having to move around slow-walkers.
  • Ok, if you don’t live in a city… how do you walk along the beach?
  • Go hiking/bushwalking?
  • Navigate any terrain that’s not paved? Cobblestone roads??
  • Manage in any small space – restaurants, coffee shops, waiting rooms, boutique shops, farmers markets, any kind of festival?
  • Go grocery shopping when bub is too small to sit in the cart?
  • Moreover, when your baby sees a flower they want to grab, or wants to push the button at the crosswalk for her/himself, how do you help them explore their world? How do you point out the neighbourhood cats to them or ask them about the planes flying overhead? How do you blow raspberries at each other and give eskimo kisses?
This bushwalk brought to you by the letter B for Babywearing!

This bushwalk brought to you by the letter B for Babywearing!

I guess I’m veering away from sheer convenience here and just relishing in the joy I get from that 1-on-1 time with Lu. But in all earnest I don’t know what people do without babywearing.

Have you ever wondered how mums get by without a pram? Feel free to leave your queries in the comments. I’m always happy to answer questions on the topic.

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