Baby Pickle at 12 Months


Or perhaps I need to start calling her Toddler Pickle now? Yup, on Friday my little Lu had her first birthday! One year ago when I was sitting in a hospital bed, terrified of getting through the next day, the thought of making it to her first birthday sounded daunting – and lightyears away!

But we made it! And our beautiful, clever, cheeky little girl finds new ways to make us smile every day. She’s learning new things at lightning speed. Since our 9 month update she’s started rolling balls, crawling at top speed, walking along furniture, and doing the cutest little wiggle dance.

Her vocabulary now includes: mama, dada, bubba, bird, dog, cat, duck, ball, bye-bye, yeah, sock and a whole lot of nonsense. And she definitely understands heaps more words. My mother remarked this morning on Skype she’s never seen such an expressive baby. She definitely has a lot to say and despite only having a small amount of Italian blood, loves to talk with her hands – sometimes even her whole body.

As for her other stats, she’s now got 6 teeth (and possibly 2 on the way if her current level of crankiness is any indication) and weighs 11.5 kilos – 93rd percentile. She has her one year checkup tomorrow where I’ll get her height, though I suspect she’s at the high end. She still has those bright blue eyes she was born with and those strawberry blonde locks are now curling around her ears.

Things she loves: riding on the train, picking dandelions, pushing the buttons on elevators and crosswalks, splashing in the bath, strawberries, playing “hat toss” and “bouncy ball” with daddy, slurping spaghetti, and chasing birds in the park.

Her love of birds led us to plan a bird-themed party for her yesterday, which I’ll write about in a separate post. But in short, we feel incredibly lucky that she has so many people in her life who love her and wanted to celebrate her first year!

Who knows what adventures the next year will bring?!

3 thoughts on “Baby Pickle at 12 Months

  1. Oh happy 1st birthday to Baby Pickle! (I reckon you can call her ‘baby’ for a little longer- they grow up too fast!).
    My little one is 17months. I think I’ll have to start calling him a toddler. At the moment, I interchange between ‘baby’ and ‘toddler’.

    1. Thanks! I figure she’s not technically “toddling” much yet so until then, she can be my baby πŸ™‚

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