Lu’s First Christmas


Now that I’ve had this blog for over a year, it’s fun going back and looking at my predictions for Luella from a year ago to see what’s turned out or not. Looking back on last year’s cynical Santa post, we’ve pretty much stuck to our guns on not making the holiday into an elaborate affair that offers material rewards for good behaviour.

So we didn’t do any decorations. The upcoming move was a nice excuse. We continued our Christmas Eve traditions and modified some slightly. We watched Emmett Otter’s jug Band Christmas – my family’s favourite for years – and ate some vegan lasagne. Well, Jim and I ate lasagne. Since we’re still taking the baby-led weaning slowly with Luella, she ate tofu and broccoli and it proved to be one of her favourite meals thus far.

When I was a kid we always got to open one gift on Christmas Eve and it was the same every year –  a new set of pajamas. We decided to continue the idea with Lu but we changed the gift to be a book with a written message inside. This year’s book was “The Poky Little Puppy’s First Christmas” which we read to her before bed.


On Christmas day, knowing that her other family would spoil her, we only got one other gift for Lu (another book), making the grand total we spent on her gifts $9. As predicted, Lu got showered with gifts from both sets of Grandparents, and her Aunties and Uncles (both biological and honorary). One thing I really value though, was how many charitable contributions were made in Luella’s name this year. This year, Lu gave to:

  • Sea Shepherd
  • World Vision
  • World Society for the Protection of Animals (where I worked for two years)
  • Birthing Kit Foundation
  • Farm Animal Sanctuary
  • Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

The day was spent at Jim’s Auntie’s house with Lu getting lots of cuddles and Jim and I eating lots of cookies and chocolate mousse.

We also had a couple of other Christmas Day milestones. Luella rolled from her tummy onto her back all by herself for the first time. And her first tooth has cut through!

So while it’s never been my favourite holiday, I know this Christmas is one that I’ll remember forever.

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