My Incredible Body


I’m getting increasingly sick of parenting articles/blogs/websites throwing random “tips” at me on how to lose my baby weight. I’m looking at you, BabyCenter. Today I was reading an article on what to expect from Luella, developmentally, at the 4-month mark, when suddenly the site gave me this nugget of wisdom:

“No new mum has ever loved the body that arrived with her baby.”

O RLY? BabyCenter does exit polls at maternity wards? Well they must have missed mine. There is a lot I love about my post-baby body.

Ok, so not straight away. There was the post-episiotomy pain, swelling that lasted nearly a week and left me in sexy pressure tights, and uterus cramping every time I nursed. But after a week or two when that all started to subside and the water weight finally dropped I was so pleased to have my body back. I’d been sharing it for nine months and finally it was mine again. I wasn’t peeing every ten minutes, I wasn’t getting kicked in the ribs, and despite (or perhaps in compensation of) the sleep deprivation, I had lots of energy.

And my body was also doing some pretty awesome things. It had created and birthed a baby! And now it was providing her with the best food possible! Every part of her body, from the tiny bones in her toes, to the strawberry-blonde hairs on her head – my body made those!

Today I was chatting with my mother-in-law about a recent workshop she went to on breast feeding (she has to do a certain number of these a year to keep up her midwife accreditation). She was so amazed at how your body adapts depending on when your baby is born. So preemie babies get colostrum that is specially formulated for them and your baby’s milk will always be age-appropriate. How awesome is that!? Go boobs!

So I’ve got a few stretch marks on my tummy that I could do without and those last few kilos don’t seem to want to drop off no matter how many walks I take a day. But those aren’t the things that make my body incredible – it’s my ability to create and sustain life that I most definitely love!

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