Luella’s First Overseas Visitors


There are a lot of benefits to having a daughter with dual citizenship. Luella can easily travel , study, and work both in Australia and the U.S. We’ll no doubt teach her about the history and culture of both countries. And she has people who love her across the globe.

The obvious downside is that she has one set of grandparents she won’t be able to see nearly as often. But we were lucky enough that her American Grandma and Grandpa (aka my mom and dad) were able to come out to Sydney to spend the last week with us.

Having never been to Australia, we wanted to show off our home as well as our daughter. So we spent a whirlwind week soaking up tourist attractions at Darling Harbour and Circular Quay, enjoying the sun at Coogee Beach and Manly, and a lot of eating out in Newtown. They  also got to meet Jim’s parents, and some of our friends. But of course, the best times we had were spent cuddling Luella.

We stayed up late to meet them in the airport and there were cuddles all around. Luella was gifted with a Hawaiin luau dress (my parents stopped in Waikiki on their way out) and an Ernie doll (which was my favourite growing up and has quickly become one of Lu’s faves as well.) They also took us shopping for a high chair.

It won’t be long now before she can use it. Unfortunately there was some ill-timing as Lu started teething this past week. It’s quite early for a 3.5 month old, but apparently that’s when my brother and I both started. So far Bonjela is helping a little but she goes nuts for wet washers cooled in the freezer for a bit.

There is nothing more heart-breaking than the face of your child crying in pain and knowing you can’t make it go away. Let’s just say Luella wasn’t the only one in tears this week. I think there may have been a few, saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa last night too.

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