Baby Pickle at Three Months


We’ve officially survived our first 3 months and our little Pickle isn’t so little anymore. I’m so blown away by how much she’s grown and changed in this time. See for yourself:

She’s starting to feel more like a little person and less like… well, a really high-maintenance pet. She’s gotten quite good at holding up her head and is starting to use her hands more. She smiles and laughs and we’re seeing new signs of a personality every day.

Her favourite activities include knocking over toilet paper rolls, jolly jumping, giggling at daddy’s dances, splashing in the tub, and falling asleep with a boob in her mouth.

We’ve had our challenges as well. The sleeping through the night was too good to be true and at 12 weeks, gave way to waking every two hours. But we’re making adjustments and trying to get back on track. Day napping has also been tricky. She goes to sleep fine, but the tiniest noise wakes her. So she tends to have frequent short naps, which also describes her feeding pattern.

I attempted to put her on a routine as everyone seems to think this is mandatory at 3 months, lest your baby grow up to be a heroin addict or something. After a few days of feeling like a failure, I concluded we just prefer marching to the beat of our own drummer.

We’ve also survived our first illness – luckily, a quite mild case of conjunctivitis – and Daddy’s first illness. Jim had a rough stomach flu over the weekend and luckily Luella and I have steered clear, but it did make for a stressful time.

Looking forward to what the next three months bring: next week Luella will meet her American grandparents, then in November her Auntie Heather. Then of course her first Christmas and New Years won’t be far off. Can’t wait for all the milestones in between!

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