Ready As We’ll Ever Be


Pregnancy is one big test of just how much you’re able to endure physically and emotionally before you’re thrown into the deep end of raising a human being. Now that I’m mostly recovered from the flu that broke me I’m feeling much more ready to handle this whole thing. As if my body felt it needed to prove this to me, it’s thrown a new challenge my way: prodromal labour.

Prodromal labour, sometimes misleadingly called “false labour” varies for women who experience it. For me it’s resulted in two nights (Tuesday and last night) of contractions for six hours that never turned into the real deal. Both times they started off erratically, got consistent for a while and then just petered out after a long night.

It’s frustrating as anything to think you might be getting to meet your little girl and then have everything just go back to a normal day. And from what I’ve read, this could turn into “real” labour tomorrow, or it could go on for days or even weeks.

But there are some up sides. For one, this type of labour generally means my body is getting ready, with my cervix effacing and maybe even dilating. More importantly, perhaps, is that I’ve now had two trial runs and they were manageable. I felt like I had a variety of techniques at my disposal for coping with the pain and Jim and I worked together like pros!

Both nights he totally jumped into action getting me food, water, prepping heat packs, using massage, running me a bath, distracting me with Arrested Development episodes. He never questioned whether or not it was the real thing and encouraged me regardless. I let him rest up when I felt I was at a point I could cope with the contractions on my own.

This morning Jim got up at 5am. Exhausted from being up all night I broke down when I told him I could feel myself losing my rhythm and that things were winding down again. He sat with me and held me while I cried and told me how proud he was of me and didn’t leave my side until I made him go to work.

While it’s an emotional roller coaster, I feel so confident that I have the best birth partner a woman could ask for and he makes me feel like I can accomplish anything.

A few weeks ago we had some maternity photos taken by Angelica Peady (who also did our wedding photos). It was great to capture this special time – our last days as just the two of us, and serves as a reminder of how strong we are as a couple. (Click the photo to view the whole set on Flickr.)

We’re ready as we’ll ever be now, and I can’t wait to raise our child together!

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