What’s in my Labour Bag


Since I’m on a roll with list-making, Jim and I sat down this week and made an all-important list of what’s going in our labour bag. It started getting a bit out of hand, so I divided it into two bags: labour and post-natal. I’m not certain we’ll need all of it, as I’m not sure what the birth centre provides, so hopefully some of these will come off the list once we’ve attended our “late info session” at the end of June. But here’s what we’ve got:

Labour Bag:

  • Sharon’s wallet including Medicare card and yellow card
  • Phones (with music loaded up – set to airplane mode) + charger
  • Copies of birth plan
  • Almond oil and massage device
  • Lip balm
  • Toothbrushes + paste
  • Make-up bag with hair ties
  • Sharon’s snuggie boots + thongs
  • Sharon and Jim’s swimmers
  • Pillow (yes, I know they’ll have pillows, but I want one from home)
  • Watermelon juice and water bottles
  • Copy of “The Birth Partner” (which I’ve now read in its entirety and can say has been the best book I’ve read on birth – I highly recommend it for both pregnant women and their support people)
  • Muesli bars, snacks for Jim (high energy, low gi)
  • Notepad + pen
  • Camera + charger
  • Asthma inhalers
  • Spray bottle
  • Wash cloths
  • Pickle’s ultrasound photo (to use as a focus image)

Post-Natal Bag

  • Hairbrush
  • Shower gel + shampoo
  • Going home clothes for Sharon and Jim
  • Nursing nightgown + robe
  • Nursing bra + pads
  • Going home clothes for Pickle ( 2 onesies, socks, hat)
  • 2 baby blankets
  • Some disposable nappies (we decided not to start cloth nappies till we’ve passed the meconium stage, as apparently that stuff’s near impossible to clean)
  • Sharon’s lady nappies (yup, we’re getting real here about what happens to your body post-birth – you’ve got 9 months of missed periods to make up for)
  • Peri bottle
  • Cloth sleepy wrap
  • Jim’s hoodie

We referenced some other labour bag check-lists to make this, including a really comprehensive one in “The Birth Partner” and this one on my friend Sarah’s blog.

Some things we didn’t include that others might are heat packs + exercise ball (as we know the birth centre provides these), deodoarant (as I’ve read it’s good for the baby to learn your natural smell), extra clothes and things we might need for a longer stay. We don’t intend to stay longer than a day after the birth – and if we change our minds, we live all of a 10-minute walk away so Jim can pop home to get extra stuff and anything we forgot.

So… massage oil, watermelon juice, swimming cossies… sounds like a tropical vacation, eh?

Any suggestions for things we might have left off the list?

3 thoughts on “What’s in my Labour Bag

    1. One of the books we read talked about stimulating different parts of the brain as a technique for coping with pain, which was quite interesting. It mentioned specifically that choosing a black and white image to focus on is best, so that seemed like a good one as any!

      Also said that music without words is best because you shouldn’t overstimulate the part of your brain that uses language. Interesting stuff, but I don’t think I have much, if any instrumental music.

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