Quick Update


Been a bit busy to post, so just thought I’d do a quick update…

We’ve reached a resolution to Yoga-gate. I went back to the class at Yoga in Daily Life last week (not the nightmare one, just the breezy one), this time with a friend, and found I enjoyed it a lot more. She confirmed my suspicion that I’ll like it better when I’m further along, so I think I’m going to keep going for a while.

It’s not gonna give me quite the full body work out I’m after, but I’m thinking I might pick up swimming. I could feel it really working my stomach muscles, just treading water in the ocean in Port Stephens. Our building has a pool, but then again our building also has a lot of meth- heads. So we’ll see how that goes. We’re walking distance to two aquatic centres as well.

In other news… Pickle is famous on the internet! Offbeat Mama, my favourite parenting blog (really, quickly becoming one of the only parenting blogs I can stand) published an article I wrote about Keeping Your Pregnancy a Secret When You’re Known for Partying.

Speaking of partying, yesterday we spent the day in Manly for my baby-daddy’s birthday! And tonight we’re off to a local Mexican restaurant to celebrate. I got him a series of books called “Geek Dad” that have all kinds of science experiments and more nerdy activities to do with your kids.

No doubt in my mind that this man is going to make the most awesome father on the planet!

2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Any reason why you can’t go to just a regular yoga class, at least until you start getting big? Then at least you’d feel you were getting a workout. Swimming would be excellent for that, too, of course. πŸ™‚

    1. No reason I guess other than my pride – having my belly hanging out around all those flat-stomached yoga enthusiasts who can all stretch and bend way better than me. Silly, I know but there’s a lot to be said about feeling confident. And at least I know I can kick ass in the prenatal class πŸ˜‰

      I’ve actually been trying to find an Aquanatal class (which I didn’t eve know was a word till yesterday) as well, largely for that reason.

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